Thankful Thursday Week 16

Happy Thursday, y'all! I'm heading up to Chicago right now to visit my in laws and other family in the Chicago area. I hope you'll join myself & my sweet co-hosts, Katie, Mia & Carly, to share {big or small} what you're thankful for this week.


{one} I took Emma with me when I got my haircut last Friday so she could get a trim herself. She did great and looks as cute as a button! :)
{two} After a long day out, Emma almost fell asleep in the car but insisted on holding Collin's hand to do so. Love!
{three} We spent the weekend putting together a new play set for the kiddos. Monday was cold, even snowed a little, so it wasn't until Tuesday that they were really able to enjoy it. They enjoyed a picnic on their new little picnic area.
{four} Chocolate fondue with my sweetie!! We enjoyed a game night with chocolate fondue that was delicious.
{five} Not pictured is Max, our Great Dane. He typically sleeps most of the day, but the minute we go outside to play, he is right there beside us. And he just follows the kids all over the yard making sure everything is ok. :)
What are you thankful for this week? Link up with us below!

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  1. I love a protective dog :) Part of the family

    Enjoy your trip!!! I've always wanted to visit Chicago :)

  2. I always love seeing how you feel so blessed from your children! I can't wait :) Have fun in Chicago with the family!

  3. Love the pictures for your kiddos..! They are so adorable..! Have fun in Chicago!

  4. Yumm chocolate fondue! That picture of them holding hands is so sweet! Bummed we aren't going to meet up this trip but hope you guys have a blast here!!

  5. Have an awesome trip to Chicago! I love it there. So so cute the holding hands in the car, how sweet! :)

  6. Chocolate fondue sounds blissful!! Xx.

  7. Love the pic of them holding hands :) Sweet Maxi boy, and yummmmmyyy chocolate!

  8. Hope you have a safe, fun trip to Chicago! That pic of them holding hands = precious! Mmmmmmmm fondue!

  9. I love all of your moments. We just got a play set for our kids too and it's been raining so much since. Ugh. I feel bad because they really want to play with it.


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