Joshua 1:8-9

I'm excited to link up again with the SheReadsTruth community for SheSharesTruth. This week we studied Joshua 1:8-9. 
 I don't know about you, but, sometimes, the more I talk, the more I muddle things up. Say the wrong thing, talk myself in circles. This verse, though, this verse tells me to talk {much} less and meditate {much} more. Sitting quietly and really meditating on Scripture doesn't always come naturally. Many times, it is something I have to force myself to do.

The second part of this verse explains why I must meditate on His word. I think it's safe to assume that if you're a follower of Christ, you most likely want to follow His will and go where He leads. But, how can we know that unless we are meditating on His word, letting His truth sink deep within our hearts and lead us accordingly throughout life?

As a child of God, it doesn't take long to know that sometimes what He asks us to do {or not do} can take us way outside our comfort zone. And in those moments we must put out trust and faith in Him, knowing it's all for His glory.
As we walk with Him, moving where He says move and staying where He says stay, we're going to face opposition. There will be people who try to bring us down, discourage us. BUT, we have the promise that He is with us wherever we go!

In those moments when we understand nothing more than that we are obeying His call on our lives, we can cling to the truth that He is with us, right then and there! We can have that strength and courage because He gives us that strength and courage.

These next few weeks as we make our way through part 3 of the Lent series, we're focusing on meditation and confession. Studying these two verses has challenged me to really spend some time meditating on His word.

Do you find it difficult to sit quietly, meditating Scripture? How do you discipline yourself in meditation?

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  1. I find it pretty difficult because I have a wandering mind! I love that this series is encouraging us to do it because it's definitely something I need more practice in!

  2. Yes, very difficult. I have major troubles sitting still in multiple areas. I have been praying for that actual, for God to calm my heart, I need more quiet time with HIM.

  3. I've learned over the years the danger of a fast mouth.
    Fun fact - I can do that Joshua verse in a perfect British accent. William & Kate would love me.

  4. I LOVE reading these posts Kristal! I feel like you could really write your own devotional or something because you always hit on so many important points and tie them into scripture in a way that just makes sense! I'm terrible at meditation and quiet time- it's so hard to get my brain to turn off from other things and just focus and relax (also the same reason I've never been able to really enjoy yoga! Can't stop thinking to relax haha).

  5. Kristal, your blog encourages me so much! I have found that writing the Scriptures down in a journal helps me memorize and meditate on them. And it helps to focus because sometimes my mind wanders. Thank you for your post today. :)

  6. Joshua 1:9. Such good stuff! A great reminder in all things that we do!

  7. I find it VERY difficult to sit and meditate on the word...let alone anything. I really need to carve out some time for this...even if it starts with one time per week. Of course having the meditation focus at SheReadsTruth helps...but that will end...so will have to dig deep and keep it going.

  8. Hi from the UBP! Love this post for Lent=) Can't wait to read more!



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