The day G and I became besties

Did you know Giuliana Rancic and I are besties?! What, you didn't?! Well, we are. :) Let me tell you how it happened...

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (or obviously here :)), you know we recently made a trip to the Chicago area to spend some time with family. While we were there, Robert and I had the chance to go on an overnight date in Chicago. Let me tell you, we had the best time together! It was exactly what we needed! This trip is when G & I became besties, too.

On the train ride into the city, I snapped this pic of Robert and I and posted it to my Instagram and Twitter with the caption seen below. After posting, I put my phone away and enjoyed my time with my Hubby.
We made it to the city and set out for our home for the evening, Hilton Garden Inn. It took us a little bit to make our way there, we kept getting turned around, but it was worth the trouble. The hotel has recently been remodeled and was so nice! And so perfectly located for the things we were planning to do. I highly recommend it if you're making a trip to the city and need a hotel.

Once we made it to our hotel, I pulled out my phone to see what was going on in the social media world and I was shocked with what I found...

Giuliana had retweeted our pic!!

I can only imagine what a nerd I looked like as I jumped up and down telling Robert what had happened, but I didn't care. G retweeted me! Now, I realize she only said two words, but honestly, how fun is that?! Our picture was retweeted to 3.2 million followers. Haha! Kinda fun!!
By the time our dinner reservations at RPM rolled around, I was pretty certain that if I ran into her at the restaurant, we'd instantly become besties. :) Although we didn't see her or Bill, we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and the rest of our date in the City.

So, what about you? Have you been retweeted or mentioned by any of your favorite celebrities?


  1. Love it!! I think G is the only celeb I can think about that retweeted me :)

  2. I love this!!! I love Twitter and have connected with such random celebs and even though brief I save it forever! hahaha David Tutera for example started following me when I solely tweeted about wedding stuff (I'm a certified wedding planning on the side) and that made my day! Todd Chrisley recently- Twitter gets you so close and I love it. Can't believe she retweeted your pic though! :)

  3. AAAAAH LOVE ME SOME G! How cool is that?!! WOOPWOOP! Amaze.

  4. Love..! You guys are adorable..!! I got retweeted by Essie and loves it haha.. Love me some nail polish.

  5. Love this!!! I would have been freaking out, too! I'm always trying to hunt them down while they're in Chicago but no luck yet! We did go to RPM last year and then the very next night, G&B were there AND Michelle Obama! So sad we missed that!

  6. I love this! I would have been so excited too!

    Ps. I love the scarf you're wearing in the photo :)

  7. Love it! I think they most famous person that has replied to me on Twitter is Money Saving Queen :)

  8. I would have freaked too. I haven't gotten any really cool retweets but I keep trying for my all time favorite - Steven Curtis Chapman, who publically acknowledges he knows nothing about Twitter or Facebook. I'm fighting a lost cause here.


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