One struggle

Do you have a particular struggle or weakness that Satan attacks you with? You might be going along just fine, not struggling too much with the lie(s) he's feeding you, and then, one day, you begin to believe that lie(s) as truth. 

I do. It's that I am not enough. I talked about it a few months ago as my #onebigtruth I'm constantly learning. You should check it out, maybe it'll encourage you!

I've been struggling with this lie a lot over the last few days. And I'm done giving him the victory. I'm committing to live in the freedom that only He provides. I choose this day, right now, and probably many times throughout the day, that because of Him I am enough!
Do you have one struggle, one lie you're believing today? I encourage you to find the Truth in Him!


  1. Well said!! YES...BECAUSE OF JESUS ...YOU ARE ROYALTY!!! Philippians 4:8.

  2. Man, this last week or 2 it's become so apparent to me that I am always selling myself short. I notice it often lately. I need to work on this, still.

  3. Love this! I struggle with this as an insecurity in my relationships and it's a horrible feelings. I've been reading this prayers of the day during let and so many have spoken to me about just this... Give it all to God. Tell him all your fears and worries and you really will feel better. You are probably far more than enough!!

  4. Love this.. Thank you so much for sharing.. Sometimes we all need a little inspiration from others!

  5. Oh Kristal, you ARE enough! I'm so glad to know that the truth of God overcomes the lies you've been fed. We all struggle with this I think. I do too. We were made in His image and likeness. He most certainly loves us and thinks we are enough. To give His son for you? Whoa! You must be one awesome lady!
    Keep on keeping on and reminding yourself that the truth of God surpasses any and all lies told to us by the devil, the mirror, or this world.

  6. You ARE def enough! Thank you for your honesty and for sharing! xoxo

  7. Satan knows what it is for each person ... & he knows how to keep digging in with that.
    I hate that stupid devil.


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